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Linda Nylind for The Guardian

Linda Nylind for The Guardian


Who I am

I am a journalist based in London, writing mostly for The Guardian, where I worked for five years as a reporter and editor. In that time I covered the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, led commissioning on week-long series on Australian cities and urban heat, wrote a regular column on digital culture, and had my spending diary go viral. Now I mostly write features.

My work has been published in The Bedside Guardian 2018, The Bedside Guardian 2017, and The Best Australian Science Writing 2017. I wrote Why Everyone Needs a Nemesis for Hodder & Stoughton’s Everything Bad is Good For You audio series.

I was born in England, grew up in New Zealand, and worked there and in Australia before returning to the UK in 2017. My accent sounds much like you’d expect.

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What I write about

Culture. “The water that we’re swimming in”-type stories.

Millennials. Going beyond avocado toast.

The internet and social media. Especially the human side of it.

Ideas. I’m interested in challenges and change, and different ways of doing things.

People. Psychology, sex, communities, connection.

Animals. My favourite are cephalopods.

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