Selected feature writing

Filters have never been more prevalent – and it’s leading some people to have fillers, Botox and other procedures. What’s behind the obsessive pursuit of a flawless look?

From the dentist who felled Cecil the lion to the woman who shot a goat on Islay, keen hunters are happy to fork out small fortunes to kill wildlife. But why do they do it – and what is the true cost?

Klara Dollan spent nine months totally unaware that she was pregnant. The possibility only crossed her mind as she gave birth in her bathroom. But cryptic pregnancies like hers are far from unusual

After a startling encounter with a cuttlefish, Australian philosopher Peter Godfrey-Smith set out to explore the mysterious lives of cephalopods. He was left asking: why do such smart creatures live such a short time?

Of the millions of perpetrators of online harassment, Zane Alchin of Sydney is among the few to have been prosecuted – and his victim says it took a media campaign

Genetic tests are seen as harmless fun. But the secrets they can reveal can split families and leave users traumatised

What can a spending diary – and advice from Britain’s most famous money-saving expert – reveal about one millennial renter’s life choices?

When a baby’s body was found buried on a Sydney beach, it sparked an exhaustive police investigation and a coronial inquest. But the little girl’s identity and cause of death remained a mystery

Who makes a Facebook meme group about trains? The Numtots, that’s who: a global network of millennials who want to make cities better

Britain’s first ‘plant-based cheesemonger’ has outraged the traditional food industry. But can something made from nuts and coconut oil ever rival the real thing?

Ross Edgley survived raw wounds and jellyfish stings to complete the record-breaking feat of swimming around Great Britain. Is he a masochist?

The decline of the British boozer is coinciding with another downturn: young people are having less sex. But is the loss of the local really calling time on romance?

A movement of women have decided not to procreate in response to the coming ‘climate breakdown and civilisation collapse’. Will their protest be a catalyst for change?

It is the temperature at which human cells start to cook, animals suffer and air conditioners overload power grids. Once an urban anomaly, 50C is fast becoming reality.

The writing is on the LED wall: our jobs are ours for as long as the robots don’t want them. But no one could have predicted they’d come for the gallery guides first

In these open-minded times, one taboo has held steady: never having had sex at all. Thirtysomething virgins explain how they deal with the stigma

The character played by 22-year-old Moriah Pereira is a childlike, robotic-sounding woman with friends who include a basil plant. Now she’s trying to become the first pop megastar to be born on YouTube

Blaine Alan Gibson is a lawyer and amateur ‘adventurer’ who is on a self-funded quest to trace the Malaysia Airlines plane that vanished in 2014

Published in 1997, I Love Dick was so far ahead of its time that only now does it seem to be approaching its apex. What does its author make of it, 20 years on?

The Austrian capital has been pioneering ‘gender mainstreaming’ for nearly 30 years. How did the city come to be so far ahead – and could its gains be lost?