Selected commentary and essays

I see my tattoo every day except when I am especially absentminded in washing myself. Yet, still, the sight of it takes me by surprise

Australians are mocking those struggling in Britain’s 30C-plus temperatures. But try battling a heatwave without air-con

An internet troll making it to court to be sentenced for making offensive comments seems like a victory, but there is no sense of justice

My underage reading of Bret Easton Ellis’s novel seemed exciting at the time, but only because it was forbidden

‘Kissing’, ‘necking’, ‘snogging’, ‘making out’ – there are a plethora of ways to describe the locking of lips. But mine is unique to the New Zealand vocabulary

Behind the Texas aquarium heist is a craze for shark tanks that speaks to a total loss of perspective about humanity’s place in the food chain

The installation of a huge statue of Jeff Goldblum by the Thames has turned a funny meme into a crass publicity stunt

I’d happily reconcile myself to a future living in other people’s houses, but that precludes dog ownership, and landlords are less than accommodating

From Lorde’s whisper-pop to Jack Antonoff’s anti-irony, both embody how pop music is changing now, after nearly 20 years in a Max Martin sugar rush

I eat all sorts of creatures, but I won’t touch octopus – which only exposes my hypocrisy and our complicated relationship with food

A controversial architect says the answer to the housing crisis is tiny spaces for millennials. Thanks, but no thanks

Spending diaries often prove incendiary when published online, as I realised when mine went viral. How women spend their money is still a taboo subject

It’s not the drama or horror of The Handmaid’s Tale we have to look out for, but a ‘no change’ message on a broken cashpoint or a children’s ‘self-checkout’ toy

The Christchurch mosque attacks have challenged the complacency of the ‘Kiwi way’

As I’ve moved further and further away from my friends in New Zealand, I’ve come to realise that time is a crucial facilitator of connection

It’s the Strokes’ best album, it has been out 17 years, and I’m not blind – but I thought the cover of Is This It showed a gloved hand resting on a knee

The singer has become the voice of a movement towards hope in her worst and biggest year

With culture ever more atomised, the Swedish DJ created songs that brought a generation together. Now his shy fans are sharing their Avicii moments

The choice of a non-binary cover star for this former bastion of straight-male fantasy shows the world is really changing

Whatever it takes, don’t let those lists of overachieving under-30s get you down